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Instead of the professional assistance, you can always create your own hair highlight colors at home. Find out reasons you can highlight at home, tips of home highlight, step-by-step home highlighting and even more tips'

home hair highlight

DIY: Dip-Dye Hair Tips
Posted by Carmen on Mon, Aug 27th, 2012
From girls on the street to our favorite celebrities, dip-dyed hair is everywhere, proving it is one of the hottest hair highlight trends in fall 2012. And among a rainbow of colors, purple is red-hot these days, celebrities like Ashley Tisdale, Jessie J, and Christina...
2 Easy Homemade Recipes to Get Natural Hair Highlights
Posted by HaircolorChameleon on Tue, May 8th, 2012
Highlighted hair is chic, sexy and funky! That’s why many of us love to head to the salon to get hair highlights. But it could be very damaging to the hair, because what hairstylist use in the salon is chemicals. Here’s the solution: do it yourself at home with...
Perfect Hair Coloring at Home
Posted by HaircolorChameleon on Wed, Dec 21st, 2011
Hair coloring is very popular now, if you never change your hair color, you are out! Want to have the perfect hair color and you do not have much budget? Now I teach you how to perfect your own hair color DIY at home! We'll tell you all from the selection of products to...
Highlighting Men's Hair at Home
Posted by HaircolorChameleon on Mon, Jun 4th, 2007
Highlighting men's hair at home? Why not? Just follow the instructions, do it eigther by yourself or a friend, it is fun and creative!
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