Hask Stay Red Revitalizing Glosser

Hask Stay Red Revitalizing Glosser

Hask Stay Red Revitalizing Glosser revitalizing glosser instantly creates fabulous highlights, adds silky feel and sparkling shine. Contains sunscreen.

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Price: $16.96

Hask Stay Red Revitalizing Glosser Features:

  • Shake well before using.
  • Apply to wet or dry hair. Distribute a small amount into palms and smooth evenly through hair.
  • Apply more as needed. Style as usual. Do not rinse out.


Posted by marian eyerman on Mon, Jun 16th, 2008
i bought the pump bottle stay red revitalizing glosser for auburn and red hair. Is this still avaible? the last bottle I paid 1.99 at big lots but they dont have any at this time
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