Step by Step to Get Great Hair Highlights on Long Hair

Posted by HaircolorChameleon on Thu, May 10th, 2007
If you have long hair, and thinking about get the hair highlight job done all by yourself, good idea! It is fun and creative, but make sure you read our step by step instructions first before you start it.

Step 1
Follow the instructions for short hair from step 1-10.

Step 2
Manage your hair to the way it normally is, have a good look at how your hair sits and where you'd most like to see highlights.

Step 3
Hair highlights around the face add brightness and definition. So, consider placing a few highlights on the sides of your hair that frame your face. Bangs are also the perfect place for a few highlights. A few highlights along your hair's part is recommended and will help define the direction of your style.

Step 4
Once you know where you want your highlights to go, put on your protective gloves and mix the color according to the kit's directions. Always be sure the color is mixed thoroughly before applying.

Step 5
Following the directions, load up the brush included in the kit; slowly start to paint on your highlights. For thinner and subtler hair highlights use less color on the brush and paint the color on by skimming the surface of the hair. For bolder highlights use more color per swipe and go deeper into the hair sections.

Step 6
Don't be afraid to mix it up. You don't have to have all bold or all fine highlights. For a little variety try bolder highlights around the face and more subtle highlight further back towards your part or the crown of your head.

Step 7
Once you are satisfied with the placement of your highlights, begin timing your color and leave on for the recommended processing time.

Step 8
Check if your hair highlights are done by grabbing a towel and rub the color off of one or two of the highlighted sections of hair. Remember that the final result will be slightly lighter than what you see.

Step 9
Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove all the color from your hair. Skip the shampoo to avoid prematurely removing your new color but apply a moisturizing conditioner to seal your hair's outer layer.

Step 10
Towel dry and blow dry your hair to be sure your hair highlights are just as you wanted. If you see any problems use the toll free help line to speak to a professional.

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Posted by Tawna on Mon, Oct 18th, 2010
Before you put your hair down on the foil put a thin layer of color..and then add your hair on top of it so it soaks in better from both ways and fully covers.
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Posted by tess on Thu, Dec 18th, 2008
i really need to see a home     free video how to apply highlights on the hair
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Posted by suzan on Thu, Aug 7th, 2008
hi >>> i need good color highlight brawn and gold i love natural color how can ? i love you so muth .
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Posted by valerie on Sun, Jul 27th, 2008
I have dark brown hair that I have been coloring for years.    Every time I get highlights, it never matches the color that it was supposed to match.    The color always looks red and sometimes brassy orange. How do I achieve a chestnut or carmel color??
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Posted by Amanda on Sun, Jul 20th, 2008
How would you keep long hair in the foil from missing part of the color? You know when it folds inside in the foil.
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